Stat 6910: Applied Statistics I (Autumn 2019)

Peter F. Craigmile

Email: pfc <at>
Office: Cockins Hall, Room 427

Statistics 6910 is a course on applied statistics. It will quickly cover material on descriptive statistics and on the basic techniques of inference (hypothesis tests and confidence intervals), including techniques appropriate for samples from normal distributions, techniques based on randomization theory, and techniques for simple, tabular data. Following the introductory material, we will move on to experimental design. We will cover the basic principles of design and the techniques used to analyze experiments that follow standard experimental designs. Specific designs to be covered include one-way analysis of variance (ANOVA), two-and-higher-way ANOVA, factorial designs, mixed effect models, and block designs.

Upon successful completion of the course, students will be able to
  1. Grasp the basics of descriptive and inferential statistics from an applied perspective
  2. Appreciate the importance of the assumptions that the models are based on
  3. Make sound decisions for an analysis
  4. Understand and use appropriate statistical notation and terminology
  5. Implement formal techniques flawlessly
  6. Summarize an analysis appropriately

Prerequisites: Statistics 6801 (may be taken concurrently), or permission of instructor.

  • This course is typically hosted on Carmen.

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