Stat 673: Introduction to Statistical Computing (Autumn 2008)

Peter F. Craigmile

Email: pfc <at>
Office: Cockins Hall, Room 427

Note: The course that appears here used to be offered as a first year masters level introductory course under quarters. The semester level course, Stat 6730, is a second year master level course, and contains more advanced (and more modern) material. Some of the information that appears here will be out-of-date (e.g., before Rstudio, rmarkdown, etc.)

Stat 673 introduces students to connectivity as well the statistical packages that are available in the Department of Statistics. With each package, students should be able to manipulate data, use the online help, present graphical and numerical summaries, carry out some statistical analyses, and do simple Monte Carlo experiments. Students should also be able to present and discuss the results obtained from each computer package.


All class notes will appear here as PDF files.

Weeks Notes Code
1 Introduction to Stat 673
An introduction to R
2 Graphics and Binomials
One and two sample inferences Inference code
3, 4 Making inferences with structured data in R
Random number generation
4 Monte Carlo Experiments Binomial simulation code
5 Regression Methods Regression methods lab
Bootstrap methods
6 Writing functions in R
An introduction to SAS
7 Data manipulation in SAS
Procedures in SAS
8 Some statistical inferences in SAS Analysis by gender, Q-Q plot of residuals
9 Combining datasets in SAS
Numerical maximum likelihood estimation in SAS
10 Using the output delivery system (ODS) in SAS
Basic Monte Carlo experiments in SAS
10,11 Robust statistical methods R code
11 Further topics

Useful appendices


(Some of the sources of the data are missing, unfortunately.)
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