Stat 5301: Intermediate Data Analysis I (Autumn 2013)

Peter F. Craigmile

Email: pfc <at>
Office: Cockins Hall, Room 427

Stat 5301 is a first course in a two-semester non-calculus sequence in data analysis covering descriptive statistics, design of experiments, probability, statistical inference, one-sample t, goodness of fit, the two sample problem, and one-way ANOVA. This course satisfies the General Education (GE) requirement in Data Analysis.

Prequisites: Not open to students with more than 5 credit hours in Statistics. The sequence is intended for students with "limited" formal mathematics background (a solid grounding in high school algebra is beneficial) although, in terms of data analysis and interpretation, the conceptual level of the course is high. While most of the students in the course are graduate students (it is a required course in many programs), it is certainly an appropriate sequence for junior and senior level undergraduates.

  • This course is typically hosted on Carmen.

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