Peter F. Craigmile

Professor, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Hunter College, CUNY

Email: peter.craigmile <at>
Office: Hunter East 908

Photo of Peter Craigmile

My research interests include time series and longitudinal analysis, spatial statistics, and spatio-temporal modeling. In collaboration with others, I have developed methods for spatial exeedances and extremes which is critical to assessing spatially varying risk of environmental change or disease. I work on building scientifically relevant hierarchical statistical models, applied to areas such as climate science, public health, psychology, environmental health, neurophysiology, and medicine. I am comfortable in carrying out collaborative interdisciplinary research. I have experience in using data science and statistical learning techniques applied to different areas such as analyzing electroencephalogram (EEG) series via spectral and wavelet decompositions. I am currently interested in developing statistical methodologies for the statistical inference and theory surrounding stationary and nonstationary non-Gaussian spatial and temporal processes. Further areas of research include development of statistical methodologies for assimilating computer experiment model output with data, as is commonplace in modeling climate change, disease mapping, and environmental risk assessment, for example.

I am a fellow of the American Statistical Association, the Institute of Mathematical Statistics, and The Royal Statistical Society. I am an elected member of the International Statistical Institute. I am a member of the International Environmetrics Society, and the International Society for Bayesian Analysis.

Curriculum vitae (PDF)

I currently organize the Applied Probability and Statistics Seminar Series, with Prof. Hadjiliadis. Here is the schedule.


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