A day of contrasts...

02 Apr 2007

How are you guys doing?

Well here I am sitting on my floor in my living room watching "The Buckeyes" play "The Gators" in the College Basketball final. The Ohio State (the Buckeyes) having been trailing for a while. The current score is 49-40 in the second half (14:48 on the clock). Not looking good at the moment.

Today was a day of meetings, finishing a research paper, and listening to the President of Iceland. Not the usual sort of seminar! The president came to the university to talk about what Iceland can offer the research community, as far as investigating solutions for our climate. He seemed to be a very charismatic fellow.

In other news we have two new babies on the street -- a boy and girl -- some balance. Congrats Laura and Beth (and the supporting cast of Shane and Yutan!)