No man for me :(

23 Sep 2004
(By the Clemster)So...I went looking for tickets for Sacha to join the marathon festivities, and I don't think it will work out for him to come. So sad. He can't miss Friday or Monday in Seattle (stupid student teaching), and would have to do a red-eye Friday night and leave a few hours after the marathon on Sunday. Too much hassle in my opinion. So I'll need to borrow some support from Dr. Petie and Mr. Blazkovich, it appears. I hope you girls don't mind. ;) The saddest part will be having no one to rub my feet at the end. I wouldn't ask the other boys to do that!

I'm gearing up for the monster run on Sunday. I've done my workouts faithfully this week, although it doesn't look like I'll successfully work out tomorrow. Maybe I'll get up early Saturday to do the Friday run, then do the 20 miles on Sunday. 20 miles - holy canoli. I'll let you know how it goes, assuming I survive.