02 Sep 2004
(By the Clemster)That's a bug bummer! I'm sorry to hear you won't be running. Are you sure? What if we walked half of each mile? Well, I hope your life is calming down a bit now, at least. It's doubly too bad Columbus doesn't have a half marathon.

I'm still doing the training, I did 12 miles on Sunday (nice and slow), and although I don't always follow the schedule in the middle of the week, I'm doing OK so far. It's a huge challenge to make the time for the longer runs. Erinn what's up with you? Are you still going to do it?

In other topics, the new house is the cutest thing ever! It looks huge from the pictures. I can't wait to see it. And Ailsa is all of a sudden looking like a toddler and not like a baby. How weird is that?

How's the new job, Jacq? I still don't understand exactly what it is you're doing. I don't know why I'm having such a hard time remembering.

Love you both, as always.