13 Jul 2004

Erinn and I went in to New York City today. Ailsa and her grandparents stayed in Denville.

We took the train from Denville into the City. In NYC, we headed uptown, ate some NY Pizza, and then went to the Museum of Natural History. Afterwards we headed downtown to the Village, and bumped into Mark Buchan in a Starbucks (sorry we could find a better coffee shop!). Great to see you Mark! The highlight of the day was our trip to Babbo. The food was amazing and the company was great (we went with Guy and Kate, Adam and Diana). We even got to see the man himself Mario Batali (clogs and all!)

Afterwards we made our causal way back to NJ. Tummies happy, thanks to Alfredo!

Meanwhile, in Denville, the grandparents played with Ailsa. As you can imagine, it took four grandparents to take care of one Ailsa. She had a fun day, and really enjoyed her trip to Denville Dairy (well enjoyed the ice cream, maybe not the trip!). She tired herself (and the grandparents!) out quickly today from all accounts.