Petie the wonderblogger

06b Jul 2004
(By the Clemster)I just got back from Minneapolis where I didn't check email for 5 whole days! What a treat to find our fabulous blog all set up.

I ran twice in Minneapolis and am all caught up, but I haven't gone yet today. I'll run this afternoon.

My last three runs were way easier and less painful. I'd like to think that's because I'm getting into good shape, but really I have to give the credit to not running on concrete. I did two runs at a track and one on asphalt. Avoid the concrete, my dears, it's poison to your legs.

Hope everyone had a good 4th. Jacq, you can take a break from housework. Tell Sol I said so. At the very least, with his slipped disk you can outrun him.

Thanks Petie! You're the greatest!

ps (July 7) - I did in fact go out yesterday, in the RAIN! I rock! ;)