21 Mar 2004

We are just home from a wonderful trip to Minnesota. Clemma and Sacha's party was a lot of fun. Ailsa met lots of friendly people and enjoyed getting to stay up late. She did not want to sleep at all. All this considering the long day on Saturday that we had!

It all started on Saturday when we woke up at 6am in the morning. We dressed and then drove to the airport (our flight was a 9am). While we were waiting for the plane to leave, Erinn noticed that a liquid was gushing out of the plane's wing. It was airplane fuel! We had to wait for a while (in the plane!) while they they cleaned up the mess and fixed the fuel connector. A group of firemen kept watch over the plane, as we left from the terminal.

The rest of the flight to MSP was uneventful. Clemma met us at the aiport, we had a latte (shock, horror) and went to Clemma's mum's house. It is a beautiful old house in an area fairly close to the University. (Thank-you, Clemma's mum, for letting us stay there -- we had a wonderful time). We relaxed for a while and then got dressed for the party. The party was at 4pm in the Landmark Center in St Paul. What a gorgeous building.

Check out the photos below for a description of the party in pictures.

Sunday, we had time for some playing with Ailsa, and then we all went out for breakfast at "Egg and I". Very yummy. We headed back to the house, and got ready to make our merry way back to Columbus. It was cold in Minnesota/St Paul, but it was just as cold (and snowy) in Columbus. So much for my hope that spring is coming soon!