31 Jan 2004

I (Peter) went to pick up my Christmas present from Erinn. One full size cello! I got the cello as a rental from the Violin Loft here in Columbus. They have a nice deal where any money used to rent goes towards the purchase of a cello after a year. Pretty cool, eh? The Violin Loft names all their instruments - my cello is called 'Shen'. Ailsa seems to like my playing which is good since I am pretty out of practice. We just need Granny Craigmile to send some music out to the USA...

Saturday was a very cold day here in Columbus - the A string on the cello broke as soon as I got home! I ended up having to get a new one before I could play!

We got a picture of Ailsa's tooth appearance. Check out these photos and see if you can see the tooth peeking out!