29 Sep 2003

Granny and Granda Craigmile arrived last night for a wee holiday in Columbus. As you can imagine, they are here to see their cute grandchild, Ailsa! Maybe we'll persuade them to write something this week (and take more photos!)

Many thank-yous are due. Thanks to Zoe and Jon for the cute dress and the CD (Ailsa loves the music that she first heard back in June). Thanks to Vince and Debs for the cute outfit. Thank-you Harry, Lil, Elaine and Mark for the bunny, and the large assortment of bonny clothes. Thank-you Chuck and Bette for Pooh Bear (it matches all her Pooh bear clothes). Ailsa thanks Jock and Isabel for the jacket, scarf, hat and gloves. Also, thanks to Annette and Charlie for the sleepy suit.