23 Sep 2003

Hi there everyone. Uncle Ali here having my go at writing here on craigmile.com.

Last night, my lovely girlfriend Sarah and I we were instructed by Peter to take photos for your viewing pleasure. Here they are.

Peter had to work today seeing as how all his students come back tomorrow. ( ha ha ha.) That's why he doesn't appear here too much.

After breakfast Sarah decided that she wanted to play with Ailsa's toys. She then forced me to play with them. I thought that I'd better play along!

The first outing of the day was a trip to the Short North area of Columbus in the car. We also popped into the North Market and grapped a slice of "The best pizza in town" for lunch. Erinn thought we should treat Peter to some Irn Bru from a stall there. Can you spot it in the bag in Erinn's hand? After a trip home we popped out on a quest to find some food for later in the day. Can you see a theme with our outings yet?

Sarah got a chance to push the buggy here. It's a maclaren (vroom vroom). Let's hope that her mom doesn't see this and get any ideas.

Peter called Scotland when he got home. Ailsa had a word with both Granny and Granda Craigmile. They're flying out of scotland soon and will be arriving here on Sunday. From the looks of it, she can't wait!

Sarah will bring you more news tomorrow - I'm off to watch the X Men on DVD now. Night night.

Ali C