16 Sep 2003

So for today and today only I (Richard) have taken over the site formerly known as craigmile.com and turned it into calder.com! Having a fun time in Ohio just chillin' out and looking after my cousin squared (ickle Ailsa... she's so cute! (strange second name if you ask me!)) We (Erinn, Ailsa, Jen, Ed (the duck)and I) went for a tour around Columbus, taking in downtown, the University, Short North and other places - have a good look at photos showing the city of Columbus, particularly the Wendy's and the coffee houses!. The weather's great so we went to a shopping centre (obviously being Scottish we have a great affinity to the sun! So we go indoors!) Ed is modelling my shades I bought in one of the photos. The duck suits them better than me so I'll have to consider leaving them behind...

Or perhaps not! Anyway just finished off some fantastic Thai Food - and beer so I need to go chill. So That's all folks!!! Normal service will be resumed some time in the near future!

P.S. Watch out - The first photo of me and the one of the Giraffe and the Duck needs an 'R' rating to view!