Guy and Kate take over the blog

02 Aug 2003

Very happy to be here visiting erinn, peter and my new cousin Ailsa. Kate and I have just arrived after three days of driving from Santa Fe, NM. We are making a big move to live in New York and to be closer to family and friends back east. So it is great to be starting off visiting family.

Well, since most of you are coming to this site to read about Ailsa and to see her pictures, I will just say that she is one very cute and sweet baby and all of you should be jealous that we are the first cousins to meet her!!!

- guy

Kate here. Ailsa's tucked in asleep and the adults are lying on the floor and couch watching Ghostbusters and eating Raisinets, but we're all quite tired so who knows how long we'll last. IT has been super fun watching Ailsa, even though she has mostly been sleeping--she makes lots of little noises that sound like a percolator. Very reassuring and entertaining. See her soon before she gets too big!!!! -Kate

Well it is 2am here and we can hear loud thunderstorms outside. Ailsa has decided it is time for a midnight snack. I guess this is one of those Ohio new parent experiences!